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First Mobile Sports : Step by Step Development program

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In modern soccer, success is very important and very little is left to chance. That is why preparations are vital. Various national soccer federations spend a lot of time thinking about the best ways to teach children how to play and enjoy soccer and one major conclusion was that ideas used from street were the foundations of the development of youth soccer and youth coaching in a modern style.

We realized the will and potential of most Canadian Youth to play soccer, so we designed unique programs aimed at the utilization of the most valuable elements of street soccer through methodical technical and tactical steps that advance from simple to complex training activities. Players will be subjected to the new and unique technical training formula called Ikembedzi Age Related Technical Circuit( I-artc), named after the technical director who designed this easy and simple technical training tool.

Statistics show that on average a player will touch the ball for only 3 minutes during a 90minute football game so fitness and conditioning are 70% of your ability on the field. Our emphasis is to create street like or backyard games that allow for high ball contact.
You will receive one-to-one training from a dedicated coach who will provide you with advice, guidance and motivation. We will encourage and work with you to develop the required attitude and skills that will give you the strength to push yourself to the peak of your ability both physically and mentally.

Special attention will be given to the areas that need to be developed in your skill level. The Academy will monitor and document the progress of each player has a record of their training as well as performance.

In order to achieve the above goals our programs are in 4 categories according to age groups.
1. Elementary
2. Intermediate
3. Advanced
4. Pro-level/Elite


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