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Soccer Programmes

FMSA U-5 to U-13

First Mobile Sports : Excellence in Soccer

Elementary Programme(4 to 8 years old)

In Africa or in Brazil young children learn to play soccer in the streets. They play before school, during recess and after school everyday of the week. There are usually no adults or parents or even coaches during those times except for security guards or caretakers at school or policemen at the playgrounds. All aspects of the game( technique, tactics and conditioning) however are developed by playing in simple situations. The goal is in winning the game.

In Canada it is completely the opposite. the streets are over crowded and dangerous and are no place for children. The children also have other sports that they play such as Hockey. They have other hobbies including watching television and being on the computer.

We have designed this elementary training program with that in mind. The basic idea being to allow children learn how to play by discovering the purpose and aim of the game.
The training activities are always geared to the age and the ability of the child. We offer high quality demonstrations from guest professionals or former National team stars.
Players will be required to play some small sided games in 1v1 and 2v2 tournaments.

  • No referee/ they should be able to control the rules themselves.
  • No goal Keeper
  • Free kicks always direct
  • No offsides

That should serve as an assessment to see whether they can link all the technical aspects they learnt in the game.


Elementary Soccer Programme
Passing and Supporting
Ball Control
Running with the Ball
Ball Heading

Ball handling

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